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From: Ethan Strimling <info@email.actionnetwork.org>
Subject: Attacked by Fox News
Date: January 31, 2019 at 8:27:35 PM EST

Hi Judy,

Fox News has declared war on Portland and our immigrant community.

Last night, Laura Ingraham of Fox News ran a race-baiting hit piece, falsely claiming that our city is “overrun by asylum-seekers” and demanding that we kick African immigrants out of our emergency homeless shelters.1

I refuse to back down to Fox News and or turn my back on our immigrant neighbors. Will you stand with me by making a donation today?

The right-wing media attacks on Portland began in the Wall Street Journal.2 Then Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze and Stuart Varney of Fox News joined the smear campaign.3,4

But last night, Laura Ingraham took things to a whole new level. She painted a picture of a city falling to pieces because of an invasion of Africans. She demanded that we close the doors of our emergency homeless shelters to immigrants–even as temperatures fall near zero in the dead of Maine’s winter.

Laura Ingraham clearly knows nothing about Portland. 

We are a vibrant community that regularly makes top 10 lists for the best places to live in America. We are the economic engine of the state with an unemployment rate near 2%. Immigrants are key drivers of that growth and enrich our life and culture.

She finished the piece by saying she “doesn’t get” why asylum-seekers from Somalia, Sudan, or the Congo would come to Portland.

I’ll tell you why, Ms. Ingraham: They come here to flee horrific violence and persecution. They work, pay taxes, and start businesses. They are teachers, soccer coaches, artists, musicians, and police officers. They come to build a life and contribute to our community.

I will never turn my back on my immigrant neighbors no matter what Fox News says. Will you stand with my by making a donation today?

Yes, I’ll make a donation.

In unity,

Ethan Strimling
Mayor of Portland, ME

Authorized by the candidate.

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