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BIW should help fight climate change


Bill Nye, science guy, says human extinction caused by climate change could be as close as 15 years away. More conservative voices in the science community give it 50.

Either way, we are in big trouble.

Continuing to produce greenhouse gas emissions in the pursuit of building weapon systems is foolhardy at best, suicidal at worst.

A coalition of leaders in Maine is calling for the immediate conversion of Bath Iron Works, which currently builds only war ships. If BIW could turn its immense industrial potential toward building solutions to climate collapse — rather than contributing to the problem — it would also create far more jobs than it does now (see Brown University’s definitive study from 2017, “Job Opportunity Cost of War”).

The time to act on behalf of climate is now. If we continue on the path we’re on, humans and many other life forms are doomed. Just ask a scientist.

Lisa Savage




Lisa Savage
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