Fwd: Climate Matters and the Black Friday Rally

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From: tony ferrara <123ferrara@gmail.com>

To All Concerned with Earth’s Health,
November 29th is a special day. Extinction Rebellion, FridaysforFuture, and Global Student Strike are all conducting climate actions on that Friday. We too will gather in solidarity with these global climate events to rally (see poster). 
It is also “Black Friday,” the day of “incredible bargains” and frenzied shopping. The bridge rally will be followed by a conversation at the Blue Hill Congo Church which will include an exploration of the linkage between climate and our consumer culture, and an update of local climate-actions and issues. A longer note on the relationship between “growing the economy (GDP)” and our climate crisis is attached. Also, attached is an important Bar Harbor climate action initiated by MDI/HS and COA (Earth-in-brackets) students with the support of local climate action groups: ACTT and Indivisible, Bar Harbor.
Tony Ferrara
Climate Action Net
PS: Below is a well stated comment on our consumer culture by Charles Eisenstein:

A world without weapons, without McMansions in sprawling suburbs, without mountains of unnecessary packaging, without giant mechanized monofarms, without energy-hogging big-box stores, without electronic billboards, without endless piles of throw-away junk, without the overconsumption of consumer goods no one really needs is not an impoverished world. I disagree with those environmentalists who say we are going to have to make do with less. In fact, we are going to make do with more: more beauty, more community, more fulfillment, more art, more music, and material objects that are fewer in number but superior in utility and aesthetics. . . .

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