Fwd: Community Mask, 2000 or bust

From: Carol Gregor <carolmgregor@aol.com>

Hi Judy,

Please share this request to your mailing list.

Thank you

Carol Gregor

Mask Information

Blue Hill 2000 or bust Mask Initiative(FB PAGE)
Carol Gregor

Welcome and thank you

We are making masks as an emergency backup for our community. This number of 2000 is for backup homemade masks for Blue Hill and Ellsworth Hospitals. They may be used in addition to a 95 mask and this may make the 95 last longer. 

Locally, we are also in the process of making 500 plastic shields that make this homemade mask much more effective.

These are the recommendations from the NYT this week. It is a hospital request that is in the middle of the pandemic.

Please email me with your information so we can update you about delivery and protocols.

Thank you so much for helping our community be safer.

Carol Gregor


Mask update NYT



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