Fwd: Crimea talk on Deer Isle, Thursday July 11

Crimea:  The History, the Culture, and the Return to Russia

Talk on Deer Isle


Tatyana Bukharina, a native of the Crimea peninsula, will present a video and speak of her home, its history and relationship with Ukraine and with Russia at St Brendan’s Episcopal Church in Deer Isle at 7pm on July 11th.  An English teacher, she has worked extensively as a guide and interpreter—most recently with Maine’s independent film-maker, Regis Tremblay.  Tremblay, whose credits include The Ghosts of Jeju and Thirty Seconds to Midnight will introduce Bukharina and speak briefly of his work in Ukraine and in Russia.


Bukharina is expected to share her perspective of the coup in Ukraine which led to Crimea’s return to Russia.  Her appearance will be sponsored by Island Peace & Justice, Peninsula Peace & Justice, and by Americans Who Tell the Truth.  Donations welcome.


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