Fwd: Duration of the virus on various surfaces and in an aerosol

You might find some of this information useful, if you haven’t encountered it already (this is a note I sent to my own email list).
——– Forwarded Message ——– Given concern about viral survival on surfaces (and on mail and shipping boxes), I found a reference to a NEJM study reported a few days ago on the durability of the virus in the air (as an aerosol rather than cough droplets) and on various surfaces, compared to the original SARS virus. I download it (www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMc2004973), and found their main figure really helpful, so I’m attaching it.
For those interested in details*, the middle panel shows open-circle triplets of readings taken at 0-1-4-8-24-48-72-96 (and further) hours on surfaces and 0-.5-1-2-3 hrs in air. The black dots represent readings below the limit of detection (the dashed line). The colored swaths are the range of 50 different trend lines through various points (more easily seen in the figures in the Supplementary Appendix (www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMc2004973/suppl_file nejmc2004973_appendix.pdf).
Rachel Graham, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina (which has a Level-3 biosafety (biowarfare?) lab), offers a LOT of helpful information in a Business Insider article at
——— “According to Graham, smooth, nonporous surfaces like doorknobs and tabletops are better at carrying viruses in general. Porous surfaces — like money, hair, and fabric — don’t allow viruses to survive as long because the small spaces or holes in them can trap the microbe and prevent its transfer, Graham said.
“Coins will transmit a virus better than cash, but this shouldn’t be a huge concern,” she said. “Basic rule of thumb should be to consider money dirty anyway, because it is. It goes through too many hands not to be.”
Your smartphone, with all its glass and aluminum, can also carry viral particles.
Graham recommended disinfecting your phone, “particularly if it travels to the bathroom with you.” ———
I strongly recommend checking out that article!
*If you’re really into it, the data is available in a nice table at github.com/dylanhmorris/sars-cov-2-stability/blob/master/dat/cleaned/titer_data.csv

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