Fwd: No to War on Iran Action, Jan. 7, Bangor

From: Christina Diebold <cpdiebold@gmail.com>

Say No to War on Iran January 7


War with Iran would be catastrophic in so many ways. It is unacceptable that one person could lead us there. Congress needs to exercise its authority, take a stand and be accountable. We as citizens need to demand this of our elected representatives.


On Tuesday, January 7, we’ll do that. We’ll meet at 11:30 a.m. at the Peace and Justice Center, 96 Harlow Street in Bangor, to plan strategy and pick up signs, or bring your own. Then some of us will visit the offices of Senators Susan Collins and Angus King in the Federal Building while others demonstrate outside from noon to 12:30. We will then visit the office of Representative Jared Golden at 6 State Street.


Attached is a petition. Please print it out, get as many names as you can, and bring it with you. Also attached, information from the Friends Committee on National Legislation. 


Now is the time to act!

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