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Popular Education Fuels Popular Resistance

A Dynamic, Interactive Workshop with Two Salvadoran Activists

DATE: Saturday, October 13
LOCATION: Unitarian Universalist Church, 120 Park St., Bangor 
TIME: Registration, coffee and snacks at 9:00AM, Workshop 9:30 – 1:00
PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED (limited to 25 people): Register at:
                                              Deadline October 1, 2018
COST: Recommended donation $20 or what you can afford.
                      FMI: Contact Jon Falk- jonf@lljf.net or 207-478-1537

·        Learn how popular education fuels the movement in El Salvador
·        Create our own analysis of the forces at work in migration issues

·        Generate ideas for using popular education in our own work in the U.S.

Anti-oppressive, popular education is the “secret sauce” underpinning the strength of the Salvadoran popular movement, which since the end of the El Salvador’s 12 year civil war has won hard-fought advances in education, health care, women’s rights, and the protection of the environment. It was at the heart of the civil rights movement and other great struggles in our own country. We need some of that sauce in our work now!

About the workshop Leaders:

Bernardo Belloso, president of the Association for Rural Development of El Salvador (CRIPDES) since 2015, leads CRIPDES’ organizing in more than 300 rural communities in 5 states of El Salvador. His work has focused on developing youth leadership, the anti-mining struggle, and the fight against water privatization. 



Zulma Tobar has been El Salvador Co-Coordinator for U.S. – El Salvador Sister Cities since 2016. She works through USESSC and CRIPDES on issues of education, environmental justice, advocacy and community organizing with rural communities of El Salvador.

Sponsored by:

U.S. El Salvador Sister Cities – www.elsalvadorsolidarity.org

--   Jonathan Falk  189 Hinckley Hill Rd.  Carmel, ME  04419  207-478-1537 (cell)

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