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Tue, Apr 18, 2017


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It’s Begun:

President Trump’s ICE agents are now coming to get undocumented immigrants in Maine


Rep Larry Lochman’s  bill LD366  punishes cities that get in their way.  

It would withhold state aid to any local government that doesn’t collaborate with ICE.


 What you can do this week, & right now:


 Come to the ACLU- sponsored State House Rally against this bill Thursday April 20 at noon

 Listen or testify at the public hearing to follow.  

    1 PM State House Room 438


 Sign with a click the Affirm and Defend Bangor Community Values Petition   which will be read as testimony at the public hearing.

 Express your opposition:   Email the  Judiciary Committee and your own state representative  

Karen Marysdaughter, Co-Coordinator
P&J Center of Eastern Maine
96 Harlow St, Suite 100, Bangor, ME  04401

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