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Women’s March on Maine, Saturday, January 21, Augusta

Women’s March on ME FAQ
Updated 1/16/17

What does the march entail?

A program of women speakers, community organization tables, music & visual arts performance, solidarity & coalition building, support, connection, a positive message. Speaker list will be announced once all details are finalized!

Where is this occurring?

Outdoors, between the state capitol building and Cross building at 111 Sewall St Augusta. The event will happen regardless of weather. Keep an eye on the weather and be sure to layer appropriately!

Who is welcome to attend?

Anyone who supports women’s rights is welcome. Children, men, supporters of women, etc. are all welcome!

What amenities will be available?

Bathrooms and warming available nearby in the library as well as portable toilets at the event site. No food or beverage is being provided. A limited quantity of shirts & pins will be available for purchase. Cash preferred, cards can also be accepted.

Why are we not actually marching?

Many reasons. Though we initially wanted to march physically, the logistics of permitting, fees and public safety were not feasible. Plus, were were better able to include speakers and community organizations by remaining stationary. Staying in place also reduces the likelihood of becoming a nusance. We want the focus to be on our action, not being perceived as ‘in the way’.

Are back packs ok?

Yes. There are no specific restrictions on what can bring. You may want to bring a chair. Please do not bring any weapons, be mindful that we are on state property.

What’s the deal with parking?

There is ample parking available, including access to the parking garage. A map of parking lots is available on the event page. We have handicap accessible parking as well. It will be helpful for people to carpool and reserve spaces closest to the event area for those with limited mobility. All parking is free. Map here: https://www.scribblemaps.com/…/Womens_March_on_M…/363Pkqf2K8

Are there specific colors people are wearing?

Orange, in solidarity with our Maine sisters marching in DC. FMI on why orange: http://mainemarch.com/2016/12/23/official-maine-march-color/. Many others are opting for pink, many wearing pink pussyhats. Either or both, or none, are welcome!

Do I need to register?

No, but it’s helpful for all to register via Eventbrite to give us a more accurate headcount. Registration is 100% free and allows us to send you updates directly via email: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womens-march-on-augusta-ticket…

Where can find information on getting a ride?

We have revionsl ride share boards where toy can connect with people coming from your area:

Southern Maine:

Northern Maine:

Eastern Maine:

Central Maine:

How is this event associated with the national Women’s March?

We are the official Maine solidarity march. We have been working with the Maine chapter headed to DC to connect all who want to get involved with the event that’s best for them. We have not officially adopted the principles released by the national organizers, but 100% agree with them and our intent andactions are completely in line.

This is not an anti-Trump rally. This is the start of a positive, change and action oriented movement.

Where can I get more information?

The FB event page is the best place to get up to date information.

Contact organizers Alicia, Ariel, Bekah, Jess, Meaghan and Stephanie at Mainestandupbeheard@gmail.com

The six organizers are all Maine women volunteers.

Karen Marysdaughter, Co-Coordinator
P&J Center of Eastern Maine

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