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Climate Crisis and Militarism Project

Executive Director Garett Reppenhagen, OIF veteran, Board President Adrienne Kinne, Army veteran, and Vince Dijanich and Steve Morse, Viet Nam veterans, met yesterday with Senior Advisors to the U.S. Special Envoy, Elan Strait and Stephanie Epner to discuss concerns and deliver a letter signed by over 200 climate, environmental, peace and veterans organizations. The letter asks Kerry to recognize that militarism is a key part of the climate crisis and the need to promote redirection of military expenditures to address the climate crisis and provide for human needs. [Full Text of Letter]

John Kerry famously testified before Congress 50 years ago how as a soldier he could not hold his silence on the destructive nature of the war on Viet Nam, ” says Steve Morse, Viet Nam veteran, “We feel that we too cannot be silent on how U.S. militarism is a key contributor to the climate crisis.”

The climate crisis is past the point where the U.S. can just take symbolic action, nor can we accept military greenwashing. Electric powered humvees and biodiesel navy fleets are still capable of devastating the environment. Veterans see first hand the cost of war and John Kerry is uniquely positioned to seriously push to greatly reduce the military’s reach around the world,” says Adrienne Kinne, Army veteran, 1994-2004. “It is imperative that the U.S. end the squandering of financial, material and human resources, and minimize the Pentagon’s carbon bootprint.


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