Hair-curling letter to, and an article about, Ms. Collins

Below is a very personal letter to Susan Collins written by a member of MDI Indivisible and posted to Facebook yesterday. She has been active in the group that has been going up to Bangor EVERY Tuesday for months to visit Collins, as well as King, and also Mr. Invisible — to whose office no one is admitted. They have become well-known and liked by the staff and security people; food and creative communication techniques help :-). And they felt that they had a part in Collins’s vote against the health insurance disaster. However, things changed when, after a very seemingly-heartfelt personal meeting with Collins last week, in which Collins acknowledged the violations of procedure and threat to the health insurance mandate and to the (misnamed) “entitlements,” she then turned around and said she is considering voting for the bill after a few ineffectual amendments, showing her usual true colors. The letter is one of the most passionate I’ve ever seen. If Collins sees it, it will curl her hair, if she has a grain of humanity left. There’s also a good article about Collins’s duplicity at: ———————————————————- Dear Senator Collins, Six days ago I sat so close to you our chairs touched. For over an hour, I watched you listen, I watched you take notes and make eye contact with our designated storytellers. You were a pro. l was proud to be there. You said you agreed with almost every concern we shared with you. You smiled, you told us how impressive our efforts were, how much you appreciated our taking the time to meet with you the day before Thanksgiving. l listened carefully to you. You said there were amendments that could mitigate some of the admittedly horrible stuff in the bill. You said the process wasn’t as bad as the one for healthcare, but it was far from regular order. You said the individual mandate had no business being in the bill. You said you shared our concerns–impacts on small business, education, healthcare. You said you cared deeply about Mainers, who are certainly not, for the most part, the one percenters. In hindsight, we should have pressured you about the morality of it all, but you seemed so reasonable and caring that we assumed your morals were not THElR morals. We were wrong. You lied. You can’t possibly care as you said you did and vote for this TaxScam. There are countless reasons the TaxScam should appall you, yet you have chosen to focus on only one aspect of this cruel and damaging bill. Because you previously stood tall against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, for which we lavished you with praise, you seem to have chosen only that as your stake in the ground. Well , that stake is flimsy as hell, Senator. The Alexander-Murray bill and the $4.5 billion in reinsurance money, EVEN IF BOTH PASS, do not come close to offsetting the harm of repealing the individual mandate and l believe you already know that. But if it LOOKS as if you got your way on healthcare, that you stood up to the big boys, then apparently you feel ok about supporting the entire tax bill that has innumerable other provisions that are terrible for middle and lower class Americans, for our democracy, for the planet. You have been bought and it‘s important that you realize you have NOT pulled the wool over any of your constituent’s eyes. We know what you’ve done. You’ve sold us out, bargained with our lives and our souls, which we have poured out to you. Not just my group last week, but thousands and thousands of us, calling, texting, emailing, faxing, showing up at all your offices. We‘re sharing our stories and the fears that keep us awake at night. Don’t try and tell us you’ve gotten the same amount pressure from other Mainers to support the TaxScam. We know better. We have relationships with your staffers. We talk to them more than you do. We know where the pressure has come from and you have, once again, chosen party over people. The vast majority of people do not support this bill. We all know it’s a massive giveaway to the ultra-rich and to corporations at the expense of the rest of us. Reverse Robinhood, poorly disguised. You are supporting your party’s desire for a segregated society where education and opportunity and even healthcare are available only to the wealthy. This is no exaggeration. There are so very many issues you are choosing to ignore, any of which should be obvious dealbreakers for this TaxScam. Fetal personhood? Deficit? Drilling in ANWR?, Education? Individual tax cuts that will quickly turn to increases? More money for the richest of the rich? More secret bill tweaking NOT shared with the public until it‘s too late? 13 MILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTHCARE? Don’t tell them it would be their choice not to have health coverage. It’s not a choice if you can’t afford it. Of course you’ll never face that ”choice” so you couldn’t possibly understand how silly your argument is. You know, no matter if the Alexander-Murray bill passes or not, this is the sabotage of the ACA Trump has wanted all along. That black cashmere sweater of mine that was literally touching your baby blue wool jacket at our meeting last week? That was my mom’s. She was a life-long Republican. l don‘t need her to be with us now to know how she would feel about your choice to hurt millions of people so that your party and your pathetic President could have his way. She would not support you on this one, no matter your party affiliation. She would welcome paying her taxes to support the social structures we need. She would fume with anger at the struggle her grandchildren will face trying to earn advanced degrees, like the one she was so proud to get while carrying her eleventh child. She would pick up her cane and shake it at you and say, “Shame on you!” Because this, Senator, is not simply a matter of opinion about particular policies. We all know the trickle down will not stimulate our economy. It never has. Even rich CEO’s admit they will not expand and create jobs. it‘s a sham. You know that. This is about humanity, morality, loyalty. Not loyalty to your party, but loyalty to the people who elected you. You do not need the money from the morally bankrupt party that is threatening you. if you do the right thing all Mainers will re-elect you. If you choose to do the right thing for the most people, for our democracy and for our planet, all of which will be badly damaged with the TaxScam, you could run a re-election campaign on my teacher’s salary. Because we WANT to like you, to support you, to brag about our moderate, sensible Senator. You could be our hero, just like you acted last week when you told us how much you cared. But for reasons that are impossible for hard-working, independent Mainers to understand, you have decided to abandon us and stand with a bunch of greedy, selfish, egotistical, out of touch politicians and millionaires whose only agenda is creating an ever widening gap between themselves and the rest of us. Let me tell you something, Senator. The view over here, on this side of the gap, in the beautiful, proud, State of Maine, is a hell of a lot nicer. Too bad you’ve turned your back and can’t see it. With sincere disappointment, ……… Invisible MDI [DA note: I think it likely this is not a misspelling! :-)] Bar Harbor, Maine Senator Susan Collins DC (202) 224-2523 Bangor (207) 945-0417 Augusta (207) 622-8414 Biddeford (207) 283-1101 Caribou (207) 493-7873 Lewiston (207) 784-6969 Portland (207) 780-3575 _______________________________________________ HCCN mailing list

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