Net Neutrality on the chopping block, comments due by Thursday

Mon, May 8, 2017


Here’s an edited note from Democracy For America on the FCC meeting next week for which comments are due by this Thursday, and at which the dismantling of the free and even flow of information on the Internet is apparently on the agenda. DFA is one of 22 organizations participating in this counter-effort. If you sign, it will apparently go on a petition to Congress, and any comment you provide will be included in a direct individual public comment to the FCC.
The John Oliver quote in the message below is well worth reading.
If you’d prefer to go directly to the FCC — e.g., to avoid being contacted by “up to four” of the participating organizations — it appears the appropriate page (based on the fact that it has over 350,000 comments so far — 185,000 in the last 30 days) is for proceeding 17-108, called “Restoring Internet Freedom”:,DESC
Click on the “+Express” link.
Thanks for taking the time, and if you can, pass this on. ——– Forwarded Message ——– Subject: John Oliver (Re: Net Neutrality petition) From: Jay Henderson, Democracy for America
This is awful: Net Neutrality is under attack. If we don’t act fast, we might lose it for good.
Donald Trump appointed a Verizon lobbyist as the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Last month, the new chairman proposed new rules that would destroy your ability to access an open, free Internet.
Three years ago Democracy for America members like you flooded the FCC with comments urging they adopt strong Net Neutrality rules. It worked. Securing Net Neutrality was one of the biggest victories we won during the Obama Administration.
We had another key ally: John Oliver. He devoted segments of his show, Last Week Tonight, to explaining the issue and urging people to fight for Net Neutrality.
Last night, John Oliver returned to the topic and sounded the alarm: Trump’s FCC is trying to repeal the Net Neutrality rules. We have to stop them.
The FCC is meeting next week — May 18. The deadline to get comments to them is THURSDAY. Can you join DFA and a broad group of progressive organizations to fight back? Click here to submit your comment to the FCC:
Here’s what John Oliver said last night:
Don’t tell me you don’t have the time to do this. If the Internet is evidence of nothing else, it’s evidence that we all have way too much time on our hands. Yes, I’m talking to you, everyone who posts ‘May the 4th be with you’ on Star Wars Day. You cannot say you’re too busy when 540,000 of you commented on Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement, and only 673 of you took the time to review the Grand Canyon on Yelp — seven of whom gave it a one-star review.
This isn’t just about your Facebook status update or a Yelp review. *If Trump and his FCC are able to roll back Net Neutrality rules, your ability to use the Internet to help resist Trump could be severely limited. Maybe that’s the entire point.
Without Net Neutrality, Verizon, Comcast and the other monopoly Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be able to start interfering with our ability as Internet users to control where we go and what we do online.
These giant telecoms want to pad their bottom lines through schemes that will allow them — not Internet users — to pick winners and losers online. Without Net Neutrality, big corporations can charge extra for visiting certain websites. Or they could make certain sites load more quickly than others.
We must stop the FCC from killing Net Neutrality. We deserve a free and open Internet with strong Title II rules, and ensure that the flow of data is determined by the interests of Internet users, not the narrow interests of Internet Service Providers…
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