Note to Collins on Gorsuch (after calling Biddeford Office)

Tue, Apr 4, 2017


Susan Collins may be a hopeless case, but it seems to me we owe it to our future to continue to push at her on the Gorsuch issue. I have my own personal reasons for concern about the man, for which I called the Biddeford Office (nice people and not-busy phone: (207) 283-1101) and sent the following via her web contact form ( I didn’t mention the filibuster, though it certainly is worth mentioning. I hope you’ll consider weighing in with her, since things are on the verge of hitting the fan, and you’ll be stuck with the results for a long, long time.
———————————————————————– I’m aware that Senator Collins is supportive of Judge Gorsuch at this time. I’m writing to seriously request that she reconsider that support.
I’m 72, have seen my father die unpleasantly without access to the death-with-dignity law that helped my brother’s partner’s death of painful ovarian cancer in Oregon.
I’m all too aware of the problems faced by people with agonizing terminal illnesses, and not looking forward to a similar experience. Maine has a death-with-dignity bill LD347 on the table, and if it passes, it will inevitably be targeted by Mr. Gorsuch, who has written clearly about his opposition to the concept, when a case inevitably comes before the Court to outlaw all state death-with-dignity laws. I will undoubtedly die before Mr. Gorsuch’s proposed tenure ends, and I don’t want to die after endless suffering.
Please re-establish your fading “moderate” credentials by reconsidering your support for Mr. Gorsuch and voting against his appointment. I’m sure the President can come up with someone who will be more in tune with the real needs of the real American people.
Thank you.
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