Olive Oil from Palestine

Tue, Mar 1, 2016



Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights is taking orders for a delivery of Palestinian olive oil to Bucksport on approx. March 18th. The order will be picked up and will be available in Sedgwick/Blue Hill within a day or so after that.

Orders need to be placed by March 10 following the procedure outlined here. 

Thank you for your support of Palestinian farmers. 

If you would like to place an order, send an email to:, and cc to with the amount of oil you would like; then Send your check, made out to Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights,  to: MVPR, c/o Bob Schaible, 136 Callahan Rd., Buxton ME 04093 (prices below)

The orders will be picked up in Bucksport on approx. March 19, and you will receive an email about how/when/where to pick up or receive your order in the Blue Hill area.

The 1000ml cans will be $22.

The 500 ml bottles of Jerusalem oil will be $16 each. Bob explains that if there are enough bottles ordered, the price will be less (14.50)



Olive orchards, which make up 80% of the farmed lands in Palestine, are nurtured as a family legacy that is passed on through generations. Orchards are grown on hand-built terraces, inaccessible by modern machinery, that hug the hillsides and prevent erosion. Farmers work year round to build and maintain these ancient terraces that were crafted by their ancestors. Persis­tent hands-on effort is the only way to reap the naturally extra virgin and organic olive oil of the majestic mountainsides.


Traditionally, the harvest, which constitutes the main source of income and a major food source for many Palestinian farming families, is a family affair. The workers who take a share of the harvest take it as a family. Normally, the entire family participates in harvesting the crop and collectively benefits from it by obtaining their olive stock for the year and selling some for the family income.

[info from Canaan Fair Trade]

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    Post from a non-member: Hi, For quite some time now I have been able to buy the same Palestinian Olive Oil at both Blue Hill Coop and John Edwards. Perhaps it is not necessary to buy it through the Schaibles if our local stores are ordering it and carrying it? Peace, Claire Judy_Robbins wrote on 3/1/16 11:59 AM: _______________________________________________ HCCN mailing list