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PPJ screened the film DO NOT RESIST on Friday evening, 10/26. The film by Craig Atkinson, which is available as DVD from Netflix and in other ways, outlines the developing militarization of domestic USA police forces in the decade or more leading up to its filming in the mid-2010’s.


Compelling footage shows police responses to citizen violations of a midnight curfew in Ferguson, MO, following the murder of Mike Brown; fragments of police officer trainings on becoming masters of violence by Dave Grossman; the International Police Convention in Orlando, FL, in 2014; decision-making in Concord, NH, over a 2013 DHS grant to support purchase of a “Bearcat” tank; endless MRAPs retired from overseas use (some perhaps never used yet) waiting at Red River Army Depot for distribution to domestic police; inquiry of US Senate leaders to Department of Defense over weaponry redistribution; a South Carolina SWAT team at target practice; SWAT team raids in action, breaking and entering homes yet failing to discover anticipated hard drugs and weapons caches; AI and drone surveillance technology currently employed in Ferguson, St. Louis, Los Angeles, et cetera; data crunching to facilitate prediction of any given citizen’s future criminal activity; discussion by President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing; and other details of contemporary high tech and militarized police readiness.


After the film, Dud Hendrick, Veterans for Peace member, led a half hour discussion that touched on themes and issues related to the film, including information available at documenting USA domestic police trainings with Israeli police and defense forces, the psychology of warrior mentalities, conditioning for combat, and increasing domestic surveillance; the police chief in Burlington, VT, responding to drug addiction in a non-belligerent, science-based compassionate orientation: ( as discussed on NPR earlier that Friday: (; a new book called Out of the Wreckage ( by George Monbiot, discussing the means to organize for global change; a citizen initiative Rob Shetterly is exploring, which may lead to tax refusals to protest the nation’s failure to address climate change.

notes by Steve Benson

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