Peninsula Peace & Justice Notes

Meeting notes February 6, Blue Hill Library.

Connie, Peter, Bonnie, Judy

We have agreed to go forward with plans to schedule the film “In the Executioners Shadow”, hopefully with filmmakers present in August.

We had a discussion of US interventionism …
“Since 1945, the United States has overthrown fifty governments, including democracies, and crushed some 30 liberation movements, and supported tyrannies and set up torture chambers from Egypt to Guatemala. Countless men, women and children have been bombed to death” ~ an excerpt of what Bonnie read from John Pilger’s film War on Democracy, 2010

We also talked about how our choice of media sources determines what we see to be the truth, and how mainstream media fails us. For example in discussions of the AOC tax proposal, Medicare for All, the unconstitutionality of anti-BDS legislation, and the coup in Venezuela.

The following films are in consideration for our upcoming film nights: “Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?”; “Daughters of the Dust”; “The Wanted 18”. We hope to show the first of these later in February. Peter mentioned that Jewish Voice for Peace has a film library from which we may be able to acquire some videos in the future.

PPJ would like to support a local effort to educate about the desirability of General Dynamics BIW plant converting to sustainable non-military production. An info brochure is being planned and we will do some fundraising to support that. This is in advance of a proposed “christening” at BIW of a new Zumwalt stealth destroyer in the spring.

notes by Judy R.

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