Plastics: In December, Bar Harbor Hannaford will help A Climate to Thrive

For those on MDI:
As most of you know, at a November 13th special town meeting Southwest Harbor passed a ban on single-use plastic carryout bags, 75-4. A similar ban will be brought before the Bar Harbor Town Council on December 4, and another will be presented for passage at Mt. Desert’s Town Meeting in May. Discussions are underway with the town of Tremont.
****In acknowledgment of the inevitable complete ban of such bags on MDI, the Bar Harbor Hannaford has announced that for each $1 reusable bag purchased during the month of December, it will contribute $1 to the MDI sustainability group “A Climate to Thrive.”****
In conversations with Hannaford’s corporate sustainability coordinator, he has made it clear that Hannaford’s policy toward Maine town plastics bans (both bags and polystyrene foam) is one of full cooperation. Experience in the other Maine towns that have passed such bans is that this has indeed been the case. Hats off to them.
As you probably know from earlier posts, Ellsworth is also on deck for a bag ban, with their next public meeting to be held in the City Hall Auditorium on Wed, December 12th at 6:30 pm. Perhaps the Ellsworth Hannaford will find it in its corporate heart of hearts to follow Bar Harbor’s lead and step beyond the call of duty in some helpful way…
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