Protecting Maine’s fishing heritage

From: KarenTom Adamo <>

From: Tom Adamo
Subject : Your Permission

Good Morning All,
As you may know the Maine Department of Marine Resources has just approved a 40 acre aquaculture lease  in Maquoit Bay, near Brunswick Maine.
As a result of the lease proposal and its approval the residents of that area, along with many lobsterman, have organized a statewide organization called Protecting Maine’s Fishing Heritage;  its goal is to influence DMR through legislative change.  The proposed legislation LR 2718 will give Maine residents more authority related to aquaculture.

I respectfully request that you email the lead person directly at or that you grant me permission to add your name to the list of supporters of  LR 2718. The statement below will be forwarded through the appropriate legislative channels.

“We the undersigned are demonstrating our support LR 2718. We are concerned that the issues around large aquaculture leases are detrimental to lobsterman, create a loss of public access to the ocean and are not sited properly so the ocean can be used by everyone. We also share concerns with Protecting Maine’s Fishing Heritage that leases can be transferred without a mandatory public hearing. Please consider moving LR 2718 forward.”

Please email me or Crystal with your permission or questions.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting.

Tom Adamo
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