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The question here is how to avoid circular reasoning. If the dams are contributing to global warming (the old name for climate change), then to say climate change is causing the events we’re discussing is circular reasoning.
One could say, “Well, the dams’ contribution to climate change has got to be relatively small, so it’s really just the climate change that is doing the dirty work, not the dams.” But the question then becomes, since climate change is global and Northern Hemisphere dams are local to basically north of roughly the 50th parallel, why is the Arctic Ocean ice melting faster than elsewhere, why are the Gulf of Maine and the Gulf of St. Lawrence warming faster than anywhere else, and why have the Russians been noting the warming of the watersheds (tundra melt) of their Siberian dams. (We’ll skip the food chain issue for now.)
Although I’m more interested in the thermal hydrology issues, one can turn to the tried and true CO2/methane perspective as well. The BDN op-ed I forwarded, by MIT prof of earth sciences Bradford Hager, sites studies by independent and HQ scientists (as opposed to CMP’s — of course purely objective — study) indicating significant environmental impact from CO2 from the relatively shallow HQ reservoirs that may extend out 50 years, and an HQ scientist’s study indicating that the HQ reservoir emissions of methane are even more significant than the CO2.
It would help to know (a) what some of the “many issues surrounding the hydrologic changes in the North Atlantic are” that you mention that are not attributable to the dam effects uncovered by Neu and others, and (b) some examples of research you have found indicating what climate change factors — that can be shown to be independent of the dam effects — are causing the Arctic-melt/tundra-melt/North-Atlantic current issues.
at&t wrote on 10/31/21 5:08 PM: > there are man y issues surrounding the hydrologic changes in the North > Atlantic- not only dams. > > Quoting you – > “the consequences of massive loss of solar reflectivity in the melting > Arctic Ocean, the methane release of melting Canadian/Siberian permafrost, > and the potential disastrous consequences of loss of North Atlantic > circulation — all of which are directly due to megadams. > > I disagree that the dams are the cause of the events you  listed (see > above)- my research shows that climate change is causing these events. > > Pam Person
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