State Senate District 7 Race (Hancock County)

Hello Hancock County Community Network!

I’m Ian Schwartz, and I’m running as a Democrat for State Senate in District 7, which is basically Hancock County. You’ve probably seen my signs all over the place, and I may have already knocked on your door. I grew up on Mount Desert Island, I’m a teacher with an immigrant wife and two small kids, and I’m running to defend referendums and the democratic process. If a referendum has been passed by a majority of voters, it should be respected and implemented by the state government, not delayed and watered down. Louie Luchini, my opponent in the Democratic Primary, has been the source of much of the state government’s out-of-touch attitude toward referendums in recent years. But don’t take my word for it. Please google him and read the articles you find to see why I’m clogging up your email with this message.

I’m asking for your vote this Tuesday to defend referendums, win District 7, and flip the State Senate for the Democrats. For anyone who would like to know more, there’s my website (, my facebook page (, and my phone number (207-664-9096). If anyone is on the fence in this election, I’m happy to chat with you on the phone, exchange emails, or even swing by your house. I’ve knocked on about a thousand doors, and as far as I know, my opponent hasn’t knocked on any, so you can see pretty clearly who wants this job more and who is going to work harder to win. I urge you to remember that when you see our names together on your ballot this Tuesday.

Thank you for your time,


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