Town Hall on NECEC last night

Last night there was a half-hour Zoom town hall meeting concerning the CMP “Clean Energy” Corridor, involving a panel of four opponents of the project:
Former Sen. Tom Saviello Current Sen. Russell Black Darryl Wood Sue Theberge
the latter two being local residents of the affected area who became activists after understanding the consequences of the project.
They do a very nice job of covering the economic and environmental impacts, the nonexistence of the claimed greenhouse gas reductions, the ongoing attempts by the Spanish-controlled and Canadian companies involved to block the November referendum vote on the project, and the campaign to get Matt Dunlap to use a more informative language for that referendum text. It’s well worth the half-hour spent watching:

Brian Hubbell earlier announced strong support for the bill on saving-greenhouse-gases grounds. I don’t know whether the subsequent evidence that there will be no such savings, and possibly a negative effect, has altered his view on that. I’ve been able to find no information on Larry Luchini and Genevieve MacDonald regarding their views on the topic. Larry is on the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee, which had hearings on March 11 on LD2136 to block foreign interference in the referendum, But consideration was suspended on March 17 by the coronavirus affair, with no committee action.
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