WERU today: Report on Progress in Renewable Energy and Trump Administration Effort to Repeal Clean Water Rule

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RadioActive on WERU FM, 4:30pm, Thursday July 27, 2017
(89.9 Blue Hill,  99.9 Bangor, www.weru.org)

   Today we look at a new report chronicling the progress made in renewable energy in the past 10 years in the United States. The report, “Renewables on the Rise: A Decade of Progress Toward a Clean Energy Future”, shows solar energy has grown 43 fold since 2007, and concludes that the United States “has the technical potential to meet its current electricity needs more then 100 times over with solar energy”.

 We also look at the Trump Administration’s current effort to repeal the Clean Water Rule, established under the Obama Administration that protects streams and wetland that feed rivers and effect the drinking water supply for 1 in 3 people in the country.
  At the end of June  the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corp of Engineers released a proposal to repeal the Waters of the States Rule, also referred to as the Clean Water Rule. which was passed to clarify waters protected by the federal Clean Water Act. EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, stated, “We are taking significant action to return power to the states and provide regulatory certainty to our nations farmers and businesses.”
 Today, the EPA is opening a 30 day period to accept public repeal of the protection.

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