What About Cuba?

Mon, Apr 17, 2017



The Cuba Caravan message is making its way around the U.S. this month, with welcoming events in dozens of cities. On Saturday April 22, it will be in Brunswick Maine, hosted by the Let Cuba Live Committee. Pastors for Peace National Caravan Coordinator John Waller is the speaker for this event, which will also feature Cuban food and a short film “All Guantanamo is Ours”.

Waller has coordinated 10 caravans prior to this year and he has visited Cuba 15 times since 1991.  He was formerly part of the national leadership of the British Cuba Solidarity Campaign before coming to live in the US. 

The island nation of Cuba, under hostile and invasive economic blockade for over 50 years, has managed to achieve standards of healthcare and education that are applauded around the world, along with protection of the environment and organic agriculture. How has this been achieved, and why does the U.S. continue its attempts to undermine and destroy the Cuban Revolution? Cuba’s international friends are legion, due to the generosity of their medical brigades and prioritizing of free medical education. Why does the United States continue to insist that a capitalist free-market system must be installed? And… does Congress have what it takes to move forward with the efforts of President Obama to normalize relations between our countries? [Invitations for Saturday’s event have been extended to Rep. Chellie Pingree and Sen. Angus King.]

For 25 years Pastors for Peace has been bringing the message “End the Blockade” to community leaders, legislators, students and activists. Each year they create a Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba in July — this year’s trip will include Guantanamo. Their commitment to solidarity continues. Please plan to join us in Brunswick to learn more.

Morrell Room, Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick
Saturday, April 22, 5 – 7:00 p.m.

Let Cuba Live
a Maine Committee in Solidarity with Cuba

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