Act Now to Protect our Rights to Protest in D.C.

If you want to comment on the National Parks Service proposal to close part of the sidewalk near the White House and make other restrictions on legal protests in Washington, there is only this weekend to do it.
It only takes a couple minutes.

From: United for Peace & Justice <>

Dear Judy,

This urgent message is from our allies at Veterans For Peace, who gave us permission to send it to our national list.  Please act by Monday!  UFPJ Coordinating Committee

New rules have been issued that will eliminate the right to protest as we know it in Washington, D.C, but the government is required to consider public comments before it can make the rules final.  Formal comments in opposition must be submitted by Monday, October 15th.  Read Our Full Call to Action.

The rules will impose steep fees and costs on demonstrations in Washington, D.C. They effectively ban protests on the White House sidewalks and force protesters to pay the costs of barricades erected at police discretion, park ranger wages and overtime, and for harm to grass from standing on it. The rules create waiting periods removing any obligation of the government to promptly process or approve permits and restrict and suppress spontaneous demonstrations that respond to breaking events.


If you oppose these rules, take action before October 15th.  Follow this link to the NPS comment page, or submit your comments via the Partnership For Civil Justice Fund platform to voice your opposition. Your statement of opposition will be part of the public record of comments that must be considered before changes can be made. Let NPS know how these changes will hurt you, the groups/issues that matter to you, and democracy overall. Comments must be submitted before October 15th. View a sample comment.

Veterans For Peace is working with PCJF to make sure our opposition to these rule changes is heard loud and clear. 

Help us continue to do this critical work and more– make a donation to UFPJ today.

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