Film: DO NOT RESIST Blue Hill October 26




Film on militarization of U.S. police forces


BLUE HILL — October 26 at 7 pm, Peninsula Peace & Justice will show Do Not Resist, a 72-minute film on the rapid integration of military-style vehicles, weapons, and personnel training into the nation’s domestic law enforcement.  


This unsettling documentary examines the implications of police departments acquiring armored vehicles and other weaponry that has been typically used in battle. Director Craig Atkinson questions whether this nationwide trend truly serves the goal of protecting the public or is intended more for controlling local populations.


The film incorporates video of Grossman Academy training on escalation, as well as tech companies selling police departments on military software at discount rates. This software may process facial recognition, predictions on who is most likely to commit a future crime, and even how likely their children would be criminals  after they are born. 


Dud Hendrick of Deer Isle, a member of Veterans for Peace, will facilitate a discussion for those interested, after the screening at Blue Hill Public Library.


Refreshments and admission are gratis. Everyone is welcome. More info: 374-2357

Peninsula Peace & Justice
P.O. Box 1257
Blue Hill ME 04614

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