Calling on Congress to become educated about Venezuela

That is one heck of a good letter, PP&J. Thanks VERY much! Can you also send it to Mr. Golden? Much as I like him, I’m having a hard time figuring out where he’s coming from on various issues.
Judy_Robbins wrote on 5/29/19 5:30 PM: > As negotiations begin in Norway, the U.S. threats intensify — VP Pence: > “time for talk is over”; Pompeo: “we must intensify pressure.” And, OAS > leader Almagro: “reject any dialogue.” > > Media coverage is lacking in any truth and substance. > > Peninsula Peace & Justice has penned the following letter to Senator Angus > King about the effects of sanctions and the danger of any intervention that > goes against international law. > > > > Dear Senator King: > > I appreciate your taking the time to respond to me on the ongoing crisis in > Venezuela. While some members of Congress are ratcheting up tensions, I > urge you to take a deeper look at the situation. I believe you have been > misinformed on several points. While it is true that the humanitarian > crisis is intensifying, it has been steadily growing worse since the > sanctions imposed in August 2017, which have contributed to a sharp decline > in oil production causing great harm to the population (CEPR report). This > has resulted in an estimated 40,000 deaths from 2017 to 2018 in Venezuela. > The sanctions imposed since January 2019 will cause many more deaths due to > restriction on the availability of medicines and other intentionally > imposed hardships. Sources of these statements are available here > <>. > > When you refer to “diplomatic efforts to bring the Venezuelan government to > the negotiating table,” I assume you are referring to the sanctions. > President Maduro has reached out > <> to > the United States for peaceful negotiation, but has been rebuffed. It is > clear that the intention of sanctions > <> is > to cause great suffering, not negotiation. > > Nicolas Maduro was elected in 2018 in open, free and democratic elections > by a large majority. Former President Carter has stated that Venezuela has > one of the most transparent and legitimate electoral processes in the > world. It is also important to note that the Trump administration declared > before > <> the > election that they would not recognize the results. > > Thank you for being skeptical about the potential for direct U.S. military > involvement. I urge you to expand your skepticism to much of the state and > media misinformation about the Maduro government and realities on the > streets that floods the airwaves, as well as the flagrant disregard for the > lives of the Venezuelan people manifested by Mr. Almagro, who recently has > rejected negotiation. > > Members of our Blue Hill organization have been studying U.S./Latin America > relations over the past 20 years and we are dismayed at the short view > taken by many in Congress. We hope you will use your influence and > leadership to contribute to peace. > > Sincerely, > > for */Peninsula Peace & Justice/* > Judy Robbins, <> > Bonnie Preston > Steve Benson > Ron King > Peter Robbins > Connie Jenkins > Dud Hendrick > > */Peninsula Peace & Justice/, *est. 1999 > P.O. Box 1257 > Blue Hill ME 04614
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