From the committee to stop the CMP Corridor — stop an end run around COVID

Here’s the note Stop The Corridor just sent. The links in the note all go to
The Thing is like a Greek/Roman/Scottish/Celtic/Chinese monster that simply cannot be permanently slain. We just have to keep cutting off the new heads it seems to continually grow.
The Governor’s Economic Recovery Committee is doing the unthinkable — trying to use COVID as an excuse to fast-track the CMP corridor!
That’s right – they’re using this pandemic to try and circumvent the people of Maine.
Click this link to contact the committee NOW and tell them to stop this backdoor effort to approve the corridor!
PS: here’s the evidence [see attached]:
This is from a report that Josh Broder of Tilson and Laurie Lachance of Thomas College, who chair this committee, presented. It’s outrageous they’d try to use this crisis as leverage over the people of Maine and our local communities.
PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CONTACT THEM — tell Broder and Lachance to remove and repudiate this tasteless effort to use a crisis to further CMP’s destructive corridor project.
How dare they? Contact them NOW by clicking this link.
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