Fwd: Alert – Maine House vote on Maine State ERA

Sun, May 7, 2017


Shared by Posie Cowan.

From: Posie Cowan <>


Please call your state representative Monday/Tuesday and ask them to Vote for LD 197,the Maine State Equal Rights Amendment. 

“Equality of rights may not be denied or abridged based on the sex of the individual.”

 The Maine House will vote on it this Wednesday May 10th or Thursday May 11th.

It is really important to have a state one because the Federal Equal Rights Amendment was never ratified and is not in our US Constitution. Unfortunately it may be a long time before it is. 23 other states have an equal rights amendment. MAINE DOES NOT!

 It is extremely important to call if you have a Republican state representative. The Republicans are voting along party lines and are strongly opposed to it. 

We need to get as many of their constituents to call and to put lots of pressure on the Republican representatives to change their minds. 

 All calls are important even if your representative supports equal rights. Thank those who do.  The more calls the better. At the State House they discuss the calls they are getting and the issues that people care about.

Here is the link to telephone numbers of your representatives


Please send this email to all your Maine friends and post it on Facebook.

For more information about Equal Rights Maine go to:       


 We have been fighting for the ERA for 100 years. 

Help us finish it now.

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