Showing the film Vaxxed in Southwest Harbor Tuesday

Sun, May 7, 2017


We will be showing the documentary “Vaxxed” at the Southwest Harbor Library Tuesday night (May 9) at 7PM. Reservations are required — call 244-7065.
The film is about the corruption and fraud in the vaccine division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the serious safety concerns surrounding our present-day vaccines.
In 2014, after a decade of struggling with his conscience, Dr. William Thompson, the scientist who was the lead data analyst in the CDC’s landmark study of the MMR vaccine and autism, finally blew the whistle. He provided tens of thousands of pages of documentary proof that the study had actually found a strong link between the MMR and autism (particularly in African-American boys). The CDC had ordered him and his colleagues to shred all the data supporting this and start over to find a way to eliminate the statistical significance of the finding. All but Thompson complied with the destruction. He kept the study data and results safe. After several years of manipulating the data, they succeeded in their effort, and their 2004 report announced that there was no link between the MMR and autism. This persuaded the national Institute of Medicine to echo that statement and declare that there was no need to put federal dollars into any more research on the subject, thus sealing the fate of tens of thousands of families over the next decade, which Thompson watched with growing horror. The film also deals with the tragedy faced by these families.
When the film appeared in the line-up for Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Film Festival last year, it was viciously attacked as “anti-vaccine” by a chorus of mainstream and pharmaceutical-related voices, none of whom had had the opportunity to see the film. The furor was so great that the other film directors worried about their reputations and threatened to pull out of the festival if the film was dropped. DeNiro was forced to remove it over his objections (he has an autistic son), but it went on to be shown all over the country in independent venues, like the SWH library.
The library distances itself by adding a disclaimer that the views expressed don’t necessarily reflect theirs, but I have a great deal of respect for their courage and commitment to open discourse evidenced by their willingness to show the film at all in the toxic atmosphere that has surrounded the issue.
The MDIslander also deserves credit for accepting for the preceding week an op-ed by me on the subject, while insisting on publishing an opposing op-ed simultaneously. You can find the two pieces at
My main focus was on the need for better research on the costs and benefits of each vaccine; the opposing view was a flat statement that the benefits outweigh the (significant) costs across the board for all vaccines.
Dr. Meryl Nass, who has done a lot of work on vaccines, will be attending the Tuesday showing to help with the discussion that will follow.
If you know of other venues that would be interested in showing the film, please let me know.
Dick 244-9590
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