Fwd: No Emmy for Burns/Novick film Vietnam War

A welcome victory for the truthtellers at Veterans for Peace, and others in “the margins of the mainline mass culture”.

Excerpt from the Veterans for Peace ad campaign: “In this war-torn world, what is desperately needed and what Burns and Novick fail to convey is an honest rendering of that war to help the American people avoid yet more catastrophic wars. The Emmy Award is a powerful recognition of truth in art. Crowned with an Emmy, this defective history of the Vietnam era will become required viewing for generations of young Americans—a seductive, but false, interpretation of events.”

— JR

From: Dud Hendrick <dudhe@myfairpoint.net>

Not One Emmy for Ken Burns and “The Vietnam War”


You may have already received the attached.  Apologies for redundancy, but I thought it significant enough to want to ensure friends of VFP knew of this victory— significant testimony to the value of our service—not to the military, but to peace.

Our friend Doug Rawlings was a major player in the VFP effort.

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