Green Ellsworth Plan has gone public

February 12 2021

From:  Green Ellsworth
Re:  Ellsworth Green Plan Released

After much consultation and work involving a broad spectrum of citizens and stakeholders, the Green Plan for the City of Ellsworth has been released for public review.  Its goal is to create an action plan that will enable Ellsworth to become a model green community. Green Ellsworth, the organization which has evolved out of this citizens’ planning initiative to oversee the implementation of the Plan, has posted the full document on its website 
(  It is posted as a consultation draft with an invitation for the community to review it and provide input on any suggested changes or additions by March 31, after which it will be finalized.  

Although Green Ellsworth had hoped to roll out the plan in 2020 through the kind of face-to-face citizen forums that it conducted during the planning process, COVID-19 continues to make that impossible.  The decision was made to go ahead with the release of the plan and undertake a COVID-style rollout and public consultation via zoom. Beginning on February 23 at 7:00PM and carrying forward into early March, Green Ellsworth will offer a series of six consultation presentations soliciting feedback and further engagement from the public.  On February 23 Green Ellsworth participants will provide an overview of the planning process, the basic framework of the plan, major overarching recommendations and the nature of the implementation process over the next 10 years.  A question-and-answer session will follow this and subsequent presentations.

Follow up presentations will focus on the major sections of the plan that deal with:  the Union River and Water Management (February 25), Food and Farming (March 2), Green Spaces and Land Use Management (March 4), Transportation and Walkability (March 9), and Energy and Solid Waste (March 11).  All presentations will begin at 7:00PM and zoom links are available on the Green Ellsworth website.

The green planning process began in 2017 when then City Planner, Michele Gagnon partnered with the Ellsworth Garden Club to host a public forum to determine interest in a citizens’ initiative focused on the long-term sustainability of the community and with the intention of creating an action plan to inform the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  There proved to be strong support from citizens, the business community and non-profits to contribute to a process that would focus on creating and maintaining a quality of life that citizens would be proud to pass on to future generations.  

Since that launch in 2017, the planning process has involved nearly 20 public forums, substantial written submissions from stake holders, multiple surveys, community presentations, interviews, inventories, mapping, much research and writing.  Parallel with this work Green Ellsworth has engaged in numerous ‘small projects’ to move the City towards green objectives and simultaneously inform the green planning.  These ‘small projects’ have included facilitating the installation of the City’s first EV charging stations, annual Card Brook and roadside clean-up programs, a state-level plastic bag ban, an Ellsworth build-out analysis, a comprehensive inventory and landscape surveys of all 57 public green spaces in Ellsworth, a walkability survey and related assessment of sidewalks and crosswalks, a street tree survey and recommended species list, the conservation of the Jordan Homestead property, a river festival and soon this coming spring a watershed survey of Branch Lake, the public water supply.  

In the process, Green Ellsworth has engaged 8 partner organizations as well as just under 100 volunteers in its multiple working committees.  It has received input from more than 2000 people and raised over $200,000 through grant sources from outside the City of Ellsworth.  This is just a small sampling of the kind of projects Green Ellsworth is proposing to facilitate over the next 10 years in this citizen effort to make Ellsworth a model green community and set it on course for a sustainable future.

For more information contact Mary Blackstone at

Ellsworth Green Plan Introduction
Tuesday, Feb 23.   
07:00 PM – 08:30 PM
Ellsworth Green Plan, 2nd community meeting: WATER
Thursday, Feb 25
07:00 PM – 08:30 PM
Ellsworth Green Plan, 3rd community meeting: FOOD AND FARMING
Tuesday, Mar 2
07:00 PM – 08:30 PM
Ellsworth Green Plan, 4th community meeting: LAND
Thursday, Mar 4
07:00 PM – 08:30 PM
Ellsworth Green Plan, 5th community meeting: TRANSPORTATION
Tuesday, Mar 9
07:00 PM – 08:30 PM
Ellsworth Green Plan, 6th community meeting: ENERGY and SOLID WASTE
Thursday, Mar 11
07:00 PM – 08:30 PM

Martha Dickinson
40 Washington Street
Ellsworth, ME 04605

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