Keeping Hope Alive: Palestinian Solidarity Despite 50 yrs of Occupation

“Keeping Hope Alive: Palestinian Solidarity Despite 50 Years of Occupation”  
An Evening with George Rishmawi, Christian Palestinian activist

August 7, 7 p.m., at the Blue Hill Public Library

Member of a Palestinian family long engaged in
non-violent resistance to Israeli occupation,
George Rishmawi directs both the Siraj Center
for Holy Land Studies and Masar Ibrahim, a
program which brings people from all faiths and
nations to walk the Abraham Path to learn
Abrahamic values and traditions. Co-founder of
the International Solidarity Movement and active
in many local and international organizations,
George is committed to justice for Palestine and
works to build a sense of hope and purpose for
the future in the midst of ongoing oppression.

Sponsors include Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Maine Chapter; Maine
Episcopal Network for Justice; Holy Land Pilgrims of the Episcopal Diocese
of Maine, and Americans Who Tell the Truth. For more information, call
Maurine Tobin, 207-348-9976.

From: Maurine Tobin <>
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