U.S. Pivot to Asia/Pacific: talk by Bruce Gagnon Aug. 3

Bruce Gagnon Speaking On Deer Isle

7pm Thursday, August 3

St. Brendan’s Episcopal Church


You’ve seen them.  Week after week, month after month, now year after year a small group of very committed members of Island Peace & Justice vigil every Monday afternoon at 4 to 4:30 across from the high school on Rt 15 in Deer Isle.  Like U.S. postal service employees they persist.

Various peace and justice issues compel their commitment.  Proliferation of nuclear weapons.  War in Syria.  War in Afghanistan.  War in Iraq.  War in Yemen.  Heightening tension in Korea.  Strife in the Ukraine.  Targeted assassinations by drones.  Over 800 U.S. military bases on foreign lands.  Sponsorship of the open air prison known as Gaza.  A military budget equal to that of the next 8 countries. Ad nauseum.  One might argue that these foreign policy issues are existential matters.  And then there are the domestic justice issues—.

When the accumulative weight of our country’s actions and priorities seem so at odds with the “city on the hill” they embraced in their youth they look for inspiration and edification from exceptional academics, scholars, or just plain extraordinarily engaged citizens who’ve made peace and justice their life’s work.  Such a scholar is Bruce Gagnon, one of our country’s leading peace activists.

Gagnon, from Bath, is the Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.  In his work he has traveled to and spoken in England, Germany, Mexico, Canada, France, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Japan, Australia, Scotland, Wales, Greece, India, Brazil, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, South Korea, Sicily, Ukraine, and throughout the U.S. 

At 7pm, Thursday, August 3rd, at St Brendan’s Episcopal Church on Rt 15 in north Deer Isle, Gagnon will speak of the “Pivot to the Asia-Pacific”, the Obama administration’s “rebalancing of U.S. military resources to the western Pacific”, and will address the pivot’s legacy as well as current developments and international relationships in that part of the world.  He will focus specifically on U.S. military presence in the region and on U.S—N. Korea, S. Korea, Japan, China, and Russia relationships.

Sponsored by:

            Island Peace & Justice

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