Talk on Community Impacts of Climate Change

May 7, 2019


Contact: Steve Benson, PHONE #374-2357




Talk on Community Impacts of Climate Change


At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 23, Steve Benson, a psychologist working in Blue Hill, will speak on how a local community can support preparedness for constructive responses to coming crises due to global warming.


This talk at The Gatherings, 1208 Surry Rd, in Surry, will focus on how anyone may overcome threats to personal wellness and community relations despite stressors building over time, developing internal and interpersonal decisions that deeply enhance their lives.


Benson explains that “rather than just victimizing people, the hardships and crises of climate change can empower everyone to learn, grow, and nurture vital strengths to meet adversities, to survive changes, and to connect meaningfully.” Benson will outline ways to maximize strengths and linkage that can help turn catastrophes into processes of healing and strengthening.


After the talk, there will be group discussion for asking questions and sharing ideas and experiences. The gathering, with refreshments, will be free. For more information, call 374 2357, write to, or to The Gatherings at
 Steve Benson, POBox 1257, Blue Hill, ME 04614


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